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Communicate Good is P.R. for people who are making a difference.


Let me distill my entire career in P.R. and communications into a single piece of advice: 

Recognize the people who make a difference to you.

In this era of corporate citizenship and social interaction, recognizing your customers, employees, partners, volunteers, and even prospects, says a great deal about the kind of business you are. It communicates partnership, trust, and gratitude. As a friend once told me: There are two kinds of people, the ones who walk into a crowded room and boldly declare "Here I am" and the ones who declare, "There you are!" Both people draw the attention of the crowd, but for very different reasons.

Read on to see how my clients (past and present) use audience recognition to grow their brands and visibility. Thanks for visiting!

Rich Polt, Principal of Communicate GOOD (Click here for full bio)

Rich Polt, Principal of Communicate GOOD

(Click here for full bio)

Recognition in action ...


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See what happened when The Mission Continues recognized an outstanding member of its extended veteran community. The results were life-changing!



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A heartfelt conversation with a Baltimore nonprofit CEO and community leader led to this major story on CNN.


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A third party administrator for private foundations shines when featured alongside delighted clients on Marketplace radio.

This nonprofit advisory services firm worked with Fast Company to shine the spotlight on partners and clients. The resulting story speaks for itself.

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